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So Tojiko has a tendency to throw around Prince Shoutoku's name like it was going out of fashion. For most people -- non-Japanese, or alternate dimensions or something -- this isn't really going to ring any bells. But for anybody born later than the year 900 or so that is Japanese, well...

He's kind of a big deal in Japanese history. Major Buddhist figure, leader of Japan, winner of the religious wars, etc. etc. etc.

Anyway, this isn't going to be relevant for most folks, but for those who would probably know about him, now you know! And are really confused to find out Prince Shoutoku is female. Blame the beer-loving guy whose entire character cast is girls in cute frilly dresses for that.
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material items:
a zombie finger
a witch's hat = traded by Waver for a photo of Tojiko
a knight's sword
an innocent girl
an honorable man
a doctor's toy
a ninja's mask
a bag of bones = Won by Tojiko at balloon popping
a vampire's grin = Fangs won by Tojiko at balloon popping
a box of salt = found by Miko
a pumpkin seed = found by Miko
a bouquet of dead flowers = Won by Tojiko at balloon popping
a plastic spider = Won by Tojiko at balloon popping
a broom = found by Miko
a hangman's noose = found by Miko

a wolf, zombie, ghost and vampire in a group shot
a bird's eye view of the festival = Toohoos can fly, this was an easy one.
an Actual Ghost = Tojiko, mugging for the camera.
a stack of jack-o-lanterns = Taken at the entrance to the festival
a spider's web = Up in a corner near one of the little guard towers.
a lustful picture = A candid shot taken by Tojiko of Lex leering at some guy with spiky hair.
the city in wings
a witch's familiar
a festive friend = Tojiko again, except blinged out in terrible Halloween jewelry.
a feral canine
a gravestone = Plenty of decor all over!


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